Below are a few beginning tips shared to help you avoid child obesity while inducing weight loss right from the get-go. Just keep in mind that it took awhile for your kids to get overweight, thus itís going to take a little while to eliminate the excess weight.

The first tip is acknowledging that over-eating (large and second servings, junk food, fast food, soda,) on a regular/daily basis becomes an addiction, especially for a growing child/teen. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize that over-feeding your family in an effort to keep them happy and satisfied, can lead to over-eating, a primary cause of child obesity. You see, a childís body, even that of a baby gets too accustomed to being over filled with food. They unconsciously learn that over-eating provides a comfort to alleviate stress, anotherís cruelty, as well as to fill empty time or boredom with. Just like an alcohol or drug addiction, overeating salty, sugary and fatty food/beverages on a regular basis becomes an unhealthy revolving cycle, until the cycle is changed or stopped. Sure you love your kids and love and food become associated at birth, but when you show your love a little bit more, by feeding them less, they may grow up healthier and with less baggage around their bodies. So itís up to you, their parents, to offer foods in the adequate serving sizes (a 5 year old should have a smaller serving than a 9 year old) that promote flavor and health, not just those that are easier on you. Just remember that food gives us life, but itís the choice of food and the chosen amount of such, that can take oneís quality of life away!

Also, realize that just because your children inherit your genes, big bones and thick, possibly compact bodies, it is not an excuse for over-feeding and raising an obese child. Sure as we grow we often resemble our birth parents (just look at my nose), but just because we may inherit a big body frame is not an excuse for raising a severely overweight child. There are many beautiful big people, yet their bodies are relatively firm, not soft and flabby! Thus one of the best weight loss tips for kids I can share, it to put aside any and every excuse you can think of to write off excess weight gains and then help your kids live a more beneficial life.

Lastly, in consideration of the most recent study indicating that 1 out of every 6 nine month old babies are diagnosed as obese, please reframe from consistently keeping your baby occupied and quiet with foods, i.e. little cereal and cracker nuggets. Yes it may be easier on you, but not on them---as it may ultimately teach them that food is a substitute for love! If you are momentarily busy or on the phone, offer them a favorite soft book or toy to keep them happy and occupied rather than more food. Sure itís easier to quiet their crying with food, but nobody said having and raising children would be easy! These are your babies, no one elseís! Babies need your love and attention, almost 24/7, thus sometimes you may need to make a sacrifice for their overall well-being and quality of life. Also know that although your fat, roly-poly baby may be adorable, once he or she starts walking, those rolls of baby fat should naturally decrease and develop into muscle, not more flab. If a flabby, roly-poly body persists, then the time has come to make some moderate changes in activity, food and eating habits at home. But you have to start doing so today, for there is always another tomorrow.