New Hope for Childhood Obesity
Published by The Muffin Lady, Inc.

Award wining cookbook author Randi Lee Levin – also known as "The Muffin Lady"– helps parents avoid raising severely overweight or obese children by guiding them along a path of moderate, healthful changes to the family's diet which are affordable, flavorful and easy to prepare.

November 5, 2010 - Evergreen, CO – Randi Lee Levin announced today the release of her newest book, Love More, Feed Less, A Tasty Path Toward Avoiding Obesity, published by The Muffin Lady, Inc. Randi's straight-from-the-heart and timely new guide shows parents how to avoid overfeeding their children the salty, sugary and fatty foods that lead to obesity. Instead, the author presents a smorgasbord of healthy, tasty dishes that can be prepared easily and innovatively; while offering ways to adjust serving sizes to help induce and maintain weight loss; and prevent the addiction to overeating so common to today's youth.

Love More, Feed Less is not a diet book. Nor is it a cookbook for raising thin, fit kids. Instead, Randi helps her readers understand the overweight issue and its implications for a child's physical, mental and emotional health – and then helps them institute moderate changes in their family's eating and activity habits with ease and affordable flavor. Parents can then start to ensure their children's health through dedication, a smidgen of effort and Randi's own homegrown recipes of flavorful love.

By loving their children a little bit more, Randi says, parents can begin feeding them less of the prepackaged, prepared, sugar infused or fast foods that are so detrimental to their well being.

Her "Blueberry Gobble"and "Zip-Itty-Doo-Dah Bread," for instance, are healthy alternatives for the after school snack, and her "Homespun Potato Chips" and homemade chocolate bars are easy and inexpensive to prepare, especially when avoiding the excess grease, salt and sugar found in parallel commercial items.

Randi provides a multitude of tips, hints and recipe variations that take into account any family's food preferences and she offers up mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare recipes like "Yammin Ham," "O'Cucumion Salad" and "Oodles of Noodles and Zuchles" for meals that are so much more scrumptious than those that have been stuck in a bag or a can on a supermarket shelf for who knows how long. She also offers tips for getting children more physically active without them being athletic.

Love More, Feed Less follows in the extremely successful footsteps of Randi's previous two cookbooks, Sharing Mountain Recipes and Baking at High Altitude, which won a First Place EVVY award and a Best First Cookbook in the World award by Gourmand World Cookbook awards, the Oscar of the cookbook industry.

ISBN: 978-0-97450008-3-6

Learning at a tender age to bake and cook her family's kitchen just on the county line of Philadelphia, Randi moved to Colorado for college. She earned two advanced degrees, in Education and Psychology, and spent nearly two decades teaching and counseling children and the occasional parent. After starting to bake and sell her goods around Evergreen, Colorado, she was one day dubbed "The Muffin Lady" by a local Post Office employee, and so began her career as full time culinary professional author and publisher. "Food is what gives us life," Randi says, "and when you know how to prepare good, homemade food, it should be shared for the benefit of all."

A good idea - LOVE MORE, FEED LESS

It really is a cookbook, and that is what would appeal to me if I were a parent of an obese child. She gets right down to the basics, and really does make things relatively simple. I think what I liked best is that this is not a "preachy" book, but an "action" book - with specifics, and lots and lots of recipes.

Joyce Laabs, Feature Editor
Lakeland Times

I jumped at the chance to review this, as I'm always looking for better ways to help our family. As a reader I felt as if Randi was taking me by the hand and gently giving me advice, the kind of advice I'd receive from a close relative if needed. It comes across as no nonsense, and shows you how to tell if your child is overweight, and how you can help change their foods for the better. If you're a family, which has these issues, then this book will expand your comfort zones and help you realise that change is a good thing. I enjoyed the information that was dotted around for those with diary intolerance (1 member of our family has this). All in all, I love the recipes . I like the easy no nonsense approach that Randi gives, and the illustrations dotted around the book are fun also. The mantra ''Love More-Feed Less" is a good one.

Michelle Jermy
Clover Hill Book Reviews

I've never read one other person who so wonderfully communicates the power of a well-prepared, home-cooked meal into the power of the heart!!!!!!!!!! The way you write to parents comes across as an intimate conversation packed with personal narratives that bring your messages 'home'; especially with the helpful hints, tips and variations that come across as if you were a close friend chatting over a cup tea.

Chef Suzanne McGarry

I wish I had this book when my daughter was growing up! This book has recipes to help lower calories in common things.

The Muffin Lady wrote a book to inspire families to move more and make healthier choices. Randi Lee Levin may be famous for baking goodies, but she understands treats and portion control. Her book Love More, Feed Less: A Tasty Path Toward Avoiding Childhood Obesity,is heartfelt and useful. She's got great health tips throughout and recipes are family friendly. Check out Nuggie Hugs (meat nuggets), Paradise Pasta Salad and Oodles of Noodles and Zuchles (with zucchini)."

Darragh Doiron
The Port Arthur News

Being a mom of a teen, tween and a toddler, I try to cook as healthy as I can, sometimes I know it's just not possible or I simply ran out of ideas. Although none of my kids are overweight or even need to watch their diet, this book was still a wonderful addition to our cookbooks. Even though Salad, fruit and veggies are very healthy and a great choice for your kids, face it if they are anything like mine, it is a battle to feed them spinach or Broccoli. This book is totally different It has lots of ideas and information on feeding your little ones healthy meals. It takes every day food like French Fries and shows you a healthier way to prepare the food kids like.

Melanie Roberts
2Boys+1Girl = One Crazy Mom Blog

You can help your child eat better with Randi Lee Levin's new cookbook, Love More, Feed Less. Her chapters start with the health message reflected in the title, followed by recipes to get you and your family started on a path toward a healthier life. There is a saying that fits well here "that if you are part of the problem, you can be part of the solution”. Overall, I find this cookbook a welcome asset in the battle against childhood obesity."

Ellen Sure Spicer Jacobson

Randi Levin's latest and greatest cookbook Love More Feed Less is full of tips, recipes and insight that all will benefit from! Whether you are feeding a family with kids or simply looking for healthy eating tips for yourself, this cookbook is a must have! From childhood obesity, to disease prevention, to the pitfalls of the life filled with hectic schedules and the fast food diet, each of us can find quick, easy and healthy recipes in Levin's winning book Love More Feed Less. Levin provides multiple recipes that are nutritious and filling. She goes further by providing variations to accommodate various tastes, likes and allergies. Get your copy of Love More Feed Less today and start making yummy delights like Green Eggs & Ham, Jiffy Chicken Stir, True Blue Muffins and more!

This book is written and presented in such a way that anyone would value from its content; the starving student, busy parents, bachelor's and more! Get a copy for yourself and a friend today! The recipes are easy and the book contains both an index and section for 'Substitutions and Equivalents'. As Levin points out, cooking and eating at home can save money AND save you and your loved ones health! What's not to love?

Ms. Levin has survived a rare brain tumor and has lived beyond the diagnosis and outcomes that were given her. She went on to win the Best Cookbook award from Best in the World Awards from Gourmand World Cookbooks! She has shared her gourmet cooking and recipes with many and has taught others the importance of eating less while eating healthy. She encourages and supports regular exercise and family activities that promote and ensure movement rather then the sedentary life. Her motto is to cook and feed with love!

Angela Schaefers
Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Host of Your Story Matters radio show