I wrote this site and my associated cookbook for you because I care, no other reason. And because I do care and have many experiences with children, I offer you the tools necessary to help you make some positive changes in your home for the benefit and health of your children. Years ago, much time was spent as a teacher and counselor, helping children and sometimes their parents overcome issues and disorders toward a happier, healthier, more beneficial life. Occasionally, I would come across a severely overweight child who appeared happy on the outside, yet lonely and sad on the inside. Sure, he or she laughed along with the fat jokes, played the anchoring weight in the tug of war game, and played in the game of life with an ever-present smile. However, I also observed this same child gorging on various foods when they thought no one was looking, possibly in an effort to fill the loneliness within. I wanted to reach out and help, but didn't know how at the time. Now I do! So I offer you learned lessons, affordable scrumptious flavors and hints for success for the purpose of helping you eliminate child obesity at home.

Please know that because of prior experiences with children, you will not find sources for diets, counting calories, or a promotion that all children must be thin to be healthy here. After all, we are all born with different body types, plus different diets come and go as quickly as a windstorm. Besides food should be enjoyed not obsessed over. Therefore if you are looking for a diet or a quick fix to childhood obesity, understand you won't find that here.

Instead, here you will find a comfortable place to learn and chat about your experiences, while gaining child obesity support and solutions (including getting the kids away from the TV, Video Game, if only for a while). In the cookbook, nutritional tips are available on specific ingredients, special dietary needs are addressed and helpful hints are provided to ease your path. The best part is that in both mediums you’ll find a scrumptious assortment of easy, inexpensive, healthy recipes, as well as an opportunity to share some of your own! You see, what reigns here is the goodness of love, as your love is the most powerful solution to child obesity on earth. But you have got to love them enough to open your own eyes and accept that your child is significantly overweight...once you acknowledge this, the rest is easy.

"Yeah Sure. Right. This lady doesn't know my kids! It isn't that easy!" Yes, mom and dad, it really is easy with an extra dose of love added in when helping your kids avoid the devastating illnesses and social abuses of being too, soft, flabby and fat. Sure, you've got time restraints due to work, lack of excess funds, and feeding fussy eaters can be stressful. So sometimes it feels easier to pull into the fast food lane, pick up the phone and order dinner delivery, or open a manufacturer's bag/ box and heat the contents for an easy meal or snack. But these food suppliers are not in the business of raising your kids, you are! And you know what, it's not difficult, time consuming or more expensive to make better food and activity choices for your kids and family as whole. But first you have to make the choice:

To Raise or Not To Raise an Obese Child
This is the question!

The choice is yours! But if you want help your children avoid potential weight related diseases and cruel social abuses, jump onto this tasty path and enjoy the journey, one step at a time.